Central is a young, independent, growing church that launched from Creekside Bible Church in September of 2020.  We started with a group of families  who came together out of a unifying desire to share the hope of Jesus Christ with Castle Rock and beyond.  Many of those who call themselves a part of Central have been directly serving the central Castle Rock community for the past ten years and look forward to loving this community through this new and exciting endeavor.




We are a church that exists to glorify God by making disicples who gather for worship, grow in community, serve in ministry, and go as missionaries.





Utmost View of God’s Word

We desire for Scripture to guide all we do.  This includes sound preaching that focuses on God’s word for understanding and application.


We want whatever we pursue to be bathed in prayer.  Our efforts will be fruitless if we fail to seek God.   

Love Balanced with Truth

In a confused world, we want to bring clarity.  Yet, we also realize that truth without compassion and gentleness moves no one.

Gospel Centered

Everything we do will be filtered through the life giving Gospel.  We will continually come back to our need for Jesus’ work in our life, understanding that we are hopeless to be saved, grow, and mature, without His intervention.

Legacy Leaving

 We want to be about the next generation.  Great effort will be given to reach and disciple young people who will guide and lead the church of tomorrow.


We will challenge people to grow in leadership by developing their gifts and allowing them opportunities to lead.  Furthermore, it is our heart to be a sending church, one that develops pastors and leaders who themselves take on church planting and other ministry endeavors.

Authentic Relationships

There are enough places in our culture that celebrate inauthenticity.  The church shouldn’t be one of them. We desire to create a culture where people can be open and honest with their faults and failures.


The older generations bring wisdom and maturity.   The younger generations bring energy and eagerness.  The church loses when one of these is not present.



Larry Schembri

Larry loves to preach God's Word and help people engage in God's mission. 


Doug Johnston

Doug loves worshipping and seeing people connect into life giving relationships.


Greg Yoder

Greg has a tremendous heart for both local and global missions as well as shepherding the church.